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About Klub Miłośników Starych Tramwajów (Old Trams Enthusiasts Club)

Club was created on 1 October 1981 as an initiative of Zbigniew Szafrański, first as local division of Warsaw Klub Miłośników Komunikacji Miejskiej (City Transport Enthusiasts Club). Wojciech Źródlak, at that time editor of "Tramwajarz Łódzki" ("Lodz Tramway-Worker") magazine, became the first chairman. In 1994 as an initiative of Mirosław Z. Wojalski the name was changed to "Klub Miłośników Starych Tramwajów" ("Old Trams Enthusiasts Club"). Five years later the club was registered as common association. At present Bartosz Stępień is the chairman. Club consists of about 100 members in different age and of different interests. Regardless the name, these are not only enthusiasts of old trams, but also modern trams as well as other public transport vehicles. Furthermore ticket collectors, postcard collectors, modelers and transport photography amateurs are present. The variety of interests can be seen in functioning of different theme sections: historical, vehicles and technique, bus, ticket, photographic, philatelisto-philumenistic, modeling-works, tracks and traction, current events, tourist. Resulting from works of club's historians, there are many publications in thematic magazines, as well as books, including monographs published on 100-th anniversaries of tram network in Lodz and of suburban tram lines around Lodz.

The goal of our club is to:

- bring together people interested in city transport theme from Lodz and surroundings,

- act as forum for meeting new people, exchange of knowledge and stuff,

- begin common research works and cooperate in reaching stated goals,

- collect souvenirs and antiques connected with public transport in Lodz inside Muzeum Komunikacji Miejskiej MPK-Łódź (MPK-Lodz's Local Transport Museum),

- conduct research on history of public transport in Lodz and nearby cities,

- popularize information about the history of public transport in Lodz as an important element of city history,

- initiate and conduct preservation works of antiques and monuments of public transport.

KMST publishes its own magazine called "Pantograf" ("Pantograph"). Occasional rides with historical vehicles and visits to places connected with public transport are organized systematically.

Club cooperates closely with MPK-Lodz's Local Transport Museum. Here on every first Wednesday of a month, from 5 to 8 PM, club meetings are held. We invite everyone willing to join our club.

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